The payment was made, but the package is not activated and/or tokens are not credited. What to do?

General recommendations:

  1. Please note that Binance exchange charges the recipient a fee when paying from your account (RichLand).

    For example, an invoice can be issued for 1000 USDT, the Binance commission is 10 USDT.  So you need to send 1010 USDT in order for RiсhLand to receive exactly 1000 USDT.

  2. Make an invoice when you're ready to pay, so you'll have enough time.

  3. Pay in the cryptocurrency (and network) in which the invoice was made.
  4. Take into account the sender's fee. We must receive exactly that amount of cryptocurrency, which is specified in the invoice. Otherwise, CP will not transfer money to us, and accordingly, we will not be able to transfer tokens to you / activate the package. 


If you made a payment, but the tokens were not credited and/or the package was not activated, several options are possible:

  1. You have paid in full amount, but the issued invoice has expired before the CoinPayments (CP) payment gateway receives the funds. In this case, you will receive a letter from CP on the email address provided during the registration of your profile. You will be offered to refund the money to the wallet you have specified with the sender's fee deducted. If there is no letter, please, check the spam folder.


  2. You didn't pay in full amount. For example, you didn't take into account that the sender will charge a fee on the payment you send (for example, Binance has this). Check your account information in your RichLand account. It will show how much funds were transferred to the CP payment gateway. You can add funds to the same wallet. If your account is about to expire, and you do not make it in time, you will also receive an email from CP with instructions on how to get a refund.


  3. You have transferred more funds than needed to the account. The package will be activated / tokens will be credited. And you will receive a letter from CPasking where to transfer the remaining funds.


  4. You paid an invoice in a cryptocurrency different from the cryptocurrency of the account. For example, you billed in USDT, but sent ETH. In this case, you need to personally contact CP. To do this:
      1. Prepare the text of your request to the support with all the data (date of payment, address, type of cryptocurrency, etc.). The text of the request must be in English. If necessary, you can use an online translator like
      2. Create an account with the helpdesk
      3. Open the page
      4. Select below As a Buyer.
      5. On the next page, enter the Payment ID, or Blockchain TXID, or the address where you want the funds to be sent. Press Look Up Payment.
      6. On the next page, choose The answer above told me to post a ticket...
      7. Next, on the page that opens, choose No, this did not answer my question.
      8. On a new page, click Not Resolved? Contact Us.
      9. Check the box next to I have read all of the rules above and agree to follow them.
      10. After that, you will receive a special code with which you need to contact support https://coinpay.freshdesk.comPlease, note that the code is VALID FOR 1 HOUR. If you don't make it in time, you will have to go through steps 3-10 again.
      11. Log in to the Help Desk Choose New Support Ticket.
      12. In the opened form, enter the Subject (the subject of the request), Support Code (the code you received at step 10), Description - the text of your request (step 1). If necessary, you can attach a file or screenshots (Attach a file).
      13. Press Submit button.
      14. Now, it remains to wait for a response from CP support, which will deal with the tracing of your payment.
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