How to connect a marketing bot?


Open the Telegram messenger, sign in to your account or create a new one.


Step 1. Enter @BotFather in the search box and select the bot.

Note that the official Telegram bot will have a blue checkmark next to its name.


Step 2. Click "Run" to activate the BotFather.

You will receive a list of bot control commands in response.


Step 3. Select or type and send the command /newbot.


Step 4. Give a name to the bot - clients will see this name when communicating with the bot /setname. For example, “🤖 SuperDuper Bot”.


Step 5. Give the bot a nickname, which will be used when searching the bot in Telegram. The nickname must be unique, not repeat the existing ones in the database, and end with the word "bot". It will not be possible to change it in the future.

After creating the bot, you will be provided with an API-key. Store it in a safe place.


Step 6. Type a description of the bot - clients will see it in the description of the bot/setabouttextFor example, “🤖 I’m bot assistant to John Smith, RichLand partner”.


Step 7. Type intro text for the bot - clients will see it when the bot is run for the first time. /setdescriptionFor example, “🤖🇺🇸 I’m bot assistant to John Smith, RichLand partner


Step 8. Upload the bot's avatar. /setuserpic.


Your bot can be found at<nickname_bot>.



Step 1. In your account at in the section Settings - Marketing bot, enter the received API-key and click Save.


Step 2. In the Contacts box you can enter your full name, phone number, telegram, email, or any other contact information you find necessary. Using Emoji is allowedClick Save.


Step 3. Your referral link for registering new affiliates will be automatically entered from your account.


Step 4. Your bot is set up! The only thing left to do is to flood it with traffic, provide the link to it in your social networks/messengers, various accounts, share it with friends.

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