RichLand: Fee Charging Rules

The income fee is charged from the RichLand token balance ONLY if IR+IE > 0*, where

  • IR (income result) - the absolute sum of income and loss on CLOSED trades that were closed during the reporting period. It is a statistical indicator of the bot'sprofitability.
  • IR (income result) = (as-ab) where
      • ab (asset buy) - capital used in a trade.
      • as (asset sell) - estimated result of a closed trade (if the trade was closed at the market price on the 1st day of the month following the reporting period at 0:00:00 UTC).
  • IE (income estimated) - the sum of potential income/losses of all trades opened by bot at the end of the reporting period.


 IRIEabas are calculated in USDT.


* Except when the partner turns off the bot by himself.


Reporting period is 1 calendar month (from 1st of a month to 1st date of the next one,0:00:00 UTC).


If the condition for charging the commission is not fulfilled, the reporting period increases by 1 calendar month (i.e. becomes equal to 2 months).


In case the condition is not fulfilled even after the end of the 2nd month, the reporting period becomes 3 months, and so on.


The fee is charged in tokens (1token = 1EUR) by the formula IR * Com / Rate, where

  • Com (%) - fixed fee from the bot's yield, determined by the RichLand package.
  • Rate - EUR/USDT rate, specified in the personal RichLand profile.

The fee is charged in the period from the 1st to the 3rd day of the month following the reporting period.


If necessary, funds for the purchase of tokens from the balance on which the rewards are located (according to the RichLand affiliate program) are debited automatically.


If there are not enough tokens on the balance of RichLand personal account at the time of charging, then the user has to add tokens until the 7th of the month including.


Otherwise, the bot is automatically deactivated until the debt is repaid.

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