Sweet Autumn Promo

We're excited to announce a new promo for you!


From 30.10.2021 to 30.11.2021 inclusive we have a SUPER BENEFICIAL promo Sweet Autumn:

  • Buy or upgrade to a VIP pack with 5% off!
  • Buy or upgrade to a LUX pack with 10% off!
  • Get Promo bonus for new packs (and future upgrades) between 10/30/2021 - 11/30/2021. You'll also get merchant cashback when you buy merch at https://richland.printdirect.ru.

  • Prolongation of Packs / Token purchase is not valid for the promo.

  • Turnover when upgrading packs purchased before 10/30/21 is not included in the calculation of the "Additional turnover bonus" for the curator

  • For Merch-products compensation, 2 conditions must be met: personal turnover and merch-products purchase for the amount at least equal to the compensation sum.
  • All bonuses will be credited according to the results of the promo.
Personal turnover

Additional turnover bonus

From €600 

5% + merchandise cashback of 1000 rubles

From €1000 

6% + merchandise cashback of 1500 rubles

From €1500 

7% + merchandise cashback of 2000 rubles

From €2000  

8% + merchandise cashback of 3000 rubles

From €3000

9% + merchandise cashback of 4000 rubles

From €5000

10% + merchandise cashback of 5000 rubles


  • All marketing plan bonuses are kept! We remind you that there is a separate system of discounts for packs prolongation, depending on the amount of spent tokens during the pack validity period.


  • Example, you have connected 2 STARTs and 2 VIPs in the period from 10/30/2021 till 11/30/2021. So your turnover is (2*€300 + 2*€855)= €2310, so you'll get a promotional bonus of 8% of €2310. That's €184,80.


  • + You'll get to your bonus account 3000 rubles in the form of € cashback if you buy merchandise to the amount not less than 3000 rubles.


Sweet Autumn Promo - your EXCLUSIVE chance to become a VIP / LUX package owner on VERY PROFITABLE CONDITIONS, which allows you to maximize your investment opportunities with minimal fees on your income.


And of course this is a great opportunity to get PROMO-BONUSES in addition to the basic marketing plan, developing the partner network!

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