Lux 2021 Promo

We are pleased to announce a new promotion for you!


For the period from 11.12.2020 to 16.02.2021 (00:00) inclusive, there is a SUPER BENEFICIAL Lux 2021 promotion::


  1. Every paid package in this period will bring its owner 2x more tokens (Start: 60T, VIP:  240T, Lux: 2000T). Doubled benefit!

  2. If you purchased the pack by December 11, 2020, a package upgrade during this period will also bring you extra tokens (Start->VIP: +210T, Start->Lux: +1970T, VIP->Lux: +1880T).

  3. For every NEWLY subscribed partner who purchased a VIP package at ONCE in the period from 11.12.2020 to 16.02.2021, we will add an extra €200 to your Lux account.

  4. You will be able to spend money from the Lux account for making UPGRADE to Lux package till 30.04.2021 INCLUSIVELY.

  5. Please note that the maximum Lux account balance can be no more than €2000.


The Lux 2021 promotion is your EXCLUSIVE opportunity to own a Lux package on VERY PROFITABLE TERMS, allowing you to maximize your investment opportunities with minimal fees on your income.


Get €2000 off and an additional €1000 worth of tokens, plus a HUGE REWARD from the affiliate program!


More good news!


RichStart becomes part of a permanent unlimited marketing plan with no time limit!


Don't miss your luck!

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