Base Instruction For Newbie

Own registration

  • Choose:
    • desired login (at least 4 latin characters, it is possible to use numbers);
    • type of pack (Start (€ 300) / VIP (€ 900) / Lux (€5000)), the differences between the packs can be found here.
    • If possible, choose the Lux pack, it has advantage in terms of the components of the pack and the partner program.
  • Register using link****, where **** - your curator login.
  • After registration, you will receive a password to your specified mail to access your personal account.


Payment for the pack

  • After registration, you will receive a password to the specified mail. If not, check the SPAM folder.
  • Use your username and password to access your personal account at
  • Select pack (Start / VIP / Lux) in the Payments section, the payment currency (Bitcoin (BTC) / Etherium ERC.20 (ETH) / Tether USD ERC.20 (USDT) / Tether USD BEP2 (USDT) / BNB BEP2) and get an invoice for payment.
  • You will have 2 - 24 hours to pay for the the invoice. For convenience, you can watch the countdown timer for each invoice.
  • If you fail to pay, you can issue a new invoice.


Buying BTC from a bank card for further payment for the pack


Pack activation

  • After paying the invoice and confirming the transaction in the cryptocurrency network, the pack will be activated instantly.


Bot connection

  • When the pack is activated, the bot can be used immediately. In order to use bot you have to open in back office Bot -> Information section and click the link leading to the bot. After that in the new window click Send Message to bot.
  • Bot platform - Telegram. If you don’t have this messenger, you need to install it (available on various platforms).
  • You need to open an account on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Guide is here.
  • There are various ways to fund your Binance account. Guide is here.
  • Please note that Binance balance must be in USDT (Tether USDT)! RichLand bot doesn’t  work with other assets!
  • Therefore, either top up your account in USDT or top up in any other cryptocurrency, but then buy USDT for it.
  • There is no recommended minimum account balance, however we do not recommend deposit  less than $300, otherwise the buy order may not work (Binance minimum trade is $20). $300 balance for your needs to see that everything works. Serious investments starts at $2500.
  • It is necessary to go through at least intermediate verification. Guide is here.
  • You need to create an API key in your Binance account to link the bot to the crypto exchange. Guide is here.
  • Next, you need to enter the received key in order to enable. Guide is here.
  • After this you could use telegram-bot. Guide is here.
  • We also strongly recommend that you set up payment of commissions through BNB.
  • The planned profitability of the bot is from 2-3% to 20% per month, depending on the market. RichLand takes 20% of the profit at the end of each month (if you have a VIP pack). The commission is charged from the token balance.
  • Fee Charging Rules a here.
  • Please note that the minimum period of time for an EFFECTIVE investment is at least 3 months, optimally - 6 months.


🤑 Partnership

  • Check out compensation (marketing) plan and our presentation (constantly updated).
  • Remember simple things:
    • A personal bonus of €30 / €90 / €500 is instantly credited respectively for Start / VIP / Lux  packs.
    • Team bonus points are accumulated immediately after activating your pack.
    • In order to convert points to €, you need to have at least 1 paid partner in the spillover, 1 partner in the personal team, and the first partner always goes to the spillover.
    • Every 120 points left and right (Start pack) gives you € 20 instantly.
    • 💰 You can make money faster on Lux packs, since there are no limits on the team bonus in points from each pack.
    • RichStart bonus allows you to fully recoup your investment in your own pack by inviting 4 personally invited partners during 1 month (from the moment when first personally invited partner pays for the pack).
    • Each downline purchase of tokens by your partners brings you a reward of € from 1% to 28% depending in your qualification and the level of downline where a purchase is maid.
  • You can find a link to register new partners as well as a referral link with your login in your back office in the Main section.
  • All rewards can be withdrawn through the Finance section - Withdrawal to your USDT ERC20 wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is €40. Payment gateway commission is 0.5%, minimum €12.



  • Connect to all our social media, especially our telegram channels @richlandbit (RU) / @richlandbit_en (EN), instagram, youtube. Social media list with addresses is here.
  • Use the FOLDERS in telegram and the PIN function so that our telegram channels @richlandbit (RU) / @richlandbit_en (EN) are not lost.
  • You will get all the information about our online/offline meetings on our telegram channels.
  • A great opportunity to invite loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances, friends.


Partner registration

  • You need to determine the direction of registration (left or right) in your back office (Main section)
  • Your future partner needs to send a registration link in the format****, where **** is your login. You can copy your link in your back office.
  • You can also provide a link to the information site****, where **** is your login.
  • After registration, the partner will receive a password to his specified email to access his back office.



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