RichLand: reward program

RichLand: reward program

  • Partner program is a set of rules that determine statuses and procedure of reward payment to the project participants.
  • Partner is a natural person (participant) who registers in the company structure with a purpose of obtaining services and/or receiving reward for his recommendations. At the moment of registration, each partner is given a unit within the company structure. A partner independently chooses his unique login with the help of which he enters his back office and uses the other resources of the company.
  • Pack is a set of the company services.
  • Unit is a place within the company structure that has its unique registration number.
  • Structure is a system of units arranged according to the binary principle where it is assumed that under each unit only two new units can be created – the right and the left one. Each partner has an opportunity to create his personal structure. Structures created under the right and the left units are called the right and the left team of the partner.
  • Curator is a partner with whose information recommendation a new participant was registered in the structure of the company.
  • Back office is an account for management of the own business and for notification of the partner.

1. General provisions

1.1. A natural person who passed registration in the company structure and buyed a Pack of services is called a partner of the company. It is possible to pass registration only on the recommendation of the registered partner of the company (curator).

1.2. A partner registers with the company creating a unit with a personal unique login and identification number assigned by the company. The partner’s mobile telephone number may temporarily serve as the login.

1.3. Each partner may have one unit in the structure, in the downline group of his curator, in one of his two teams. It is not allowed for one partner to create more than one unit in different teams of the curator or in the teams of different curators. Units inconsistent with this rule are deleted from the company structure and the funds spent on the purchase of the packs are not returned to the owner.

1.4. A partner has the right to receive reward for personal and  team turnover of commodities provided that the terms and conditions of this Partner program are fulfilled.

1.5. A pack includes:

  • Access to the bot for 1 year with the right for extension.
  • A certain quantity of tokens (T) for the use of the CopyTrade system. 1 token (1 T) = €1.
  • Franchise for pursuit of the partner activity for 1 year.










30 T

120 T

1000 T

Individual bonus




Team bonus

120 P

360 P

2040 P


  • Personal bonus is reward that the partner immediately receives on his personal account when the user on his recommendation acquires (or in future extends/ UPGRADES) the pack.


  • Team bonus is reward that the partner immediately receives on his personal account when his team collects 240 points (P). Each 240 P in the partner’s network as a proportion of 120/120 in the left and the right teams immediately give the partner €20 of the team bonus. For instance, with the proportion 1802/2017 you will receive €300 (fifteen times the proportion 120/120 is accomplished) and you will still have 2/217 left.


  • If the partner wishes to UPGRADE from one pack to another, he shall have to pay the difference in the price of the packs. After pack UPGRADE, the pack validity period will be recalculated according to the formula:




    D - number of days of validity period after pack upgrade;

    P1 - cost of the current pack;

    P2 - cost of a new pack;

    RD - number of remaining days of the current pack.


    For example, you have START pack and there are 30 days left until its expiration date. When upgrading to a VIP pack, the number of days for the pack will be:
    (300 * 30/365 + 900-300) / 900 * 365 = 253 days.


  • Depending on the pack owned by the partner he will get from the entire network a team bonus in the amount not higher than his pack.

    The owner of the pack Start receives 120P bonus from packs Start /  VIP / Lux from the entire network.

    The owner of the pack VIP receives 120P / 360P / 360P bonus from packs Start / VIP / Lux from the entire network.

    The owner of the pack VIP receives 120P / 360P / 2040P bonus from Start / VIP / Lux packs from the entire network.


  • In addition, if the partner UPGRADES, then the entire upline (next superior partner’s network) receives the difference in points between the packs, аnd the curator in this case also gets the difference in personal bonuses of the packs. For instance, if the partner owned the Start pack and UPGRADED to the VIP pack, then the entire upline shall get 360 P - 120 P = 240 P, аnd the curator shall additionally get €90-€30=€60.


  • Multilevel partner’s network of each partner is divided into the left and the right teams.


  • Each accrued point (P) of the team bonus has a life cycle of 1 year. If after expiry of this time the points have not been transferred to the team bonus € according to the marketing plan, the points shall expire.


  • If the pack is not extended after expiry of 1 year, the validity of the partner program shall be suspended as well as the opportunity to use the product.


  • After 1 year from the moment of non-extension of the pack the account shall be totally deleted without the right for renewal.


  • The first curated user of the partner is automatically registered in the direction of the spillover (in the same direction where the partner’s curator registered him). The direction of the subsequent curated user is determined by the partner personally.


  • In which case, to be eligible for the team bonus, according to the markeing plan, you must have 2 personally curated partners in the spillover, аnd in the personal branch (opposite the spillover) 1 personally curated partner.


  • RichStart bonus

Paid out once. Valid for all partners who have their own paid pack, however, 1 calendar month should not pass since the first paid personal partner (PP).


Every 4 PP within 1 calendar month from the moment of registering the first partner with paid pack are result of an additional bonus in the amount of the minimum price of the pack purchased by PP.




RichStart reward would be paid at the end of the month since the moment of registering the first PP.


Example 1. You had paid for your pack on May 31st, and between June 16th and July 16th, you had invited 2 PPs who bought Lux Pack (€5000) and 2 PPs that bought Start Pack (€300). You will receive an additional €300 after July, 16th.


Example 2. You had paid for your pack on August 31st. In the period from September 10 to October 10, you had invited 4 PPs who bought Lux pack, 2 PPs who bought VIP pack and 2 PPs Who bought Start pack. You will receive €5000 + €300 = €5300 after October 10.


Example 3. You had paid for your pack on May 6th. Your first PP had bought VIP pack on May 28th. Until June 28th, you had invited 4 PPs who bought Lux packs. You will receive €5000 after June 28th.


  • After registration, 7 days are given for payment of the pack. If payment of the pack is not made within 7 days of registration, the account shall be deleted without the right for renewal.


  • After you run out of the tokens, you can buy them in unrestricted quantity based on your needs. Otherwise the action of the CopyTrade system shall be automatically suspended until you purchase the tokens.


  • Any purchases of tokens in the partner’s team participate in the 10-level partner program RichLand. Each such purchase earns reward for the upline in € and T.



Reward (€)

Reward (T)



































  • For instance, the user bought 500 T for €500, it means that the upline got the reward from €2.5 and 2.5 T on the 10th level to €62.5 and 62.5T on the 1st level. All in all, all 10 levels shall receive €125 and 125T.


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