How to receive an API key on Binance?

You need to be verified to create an API key!

  1. Login to your personal account on Binance (stock account).
  2. Proceed to the User center in your personal account.
  3. Turn on the API section in the user center by pressing the «Manage API» button.
  4. Let’s get to creating a new API key. Enter the name for your new key in the field, for example, the date it was created.  
  5. Next, it is necessary to complete two-factor verification. You may choose either «SMS Authentication» or «Google Authentication». You will receive an SMS-message containing a code to the phone number you’ve entered during the registration, or you need to receive the code from Google Authenticator.
  6. Enter the code that you received. 
  7. You will be sent a confirmation to your email. Please follow the instructions for creating a new key depicted in the email. Press «Confirm creation» button in the email. By doing so you will confirm the creation of a new API key.
  8. Having confirmed the creation of a new key, a window will open in your Binance account in which API Key and Secret Key will be depicted. You must copy the information and save it in a secure place as the Secret Key will never be fully depicted again.

In the API Restrictions section, you need to check the boxes:

  • Enable Reading
  • Enable Spot & Margin Trading
  • Enable Margin (not necessary if you do not plan to use a cross-margin wallet; the checkbox can only be checked, if you have logged into the cross-margin wallet at least once and there are funds on it)

In the IP-address restrictions sectiob, you need to register the following IP-addresses:


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