How do I open a Binance trade account?

  1. Launch Binance and press “Register” in the top right corner, after which a new registration page will open.  
  2. Complete all the required fields, i.e.: e-mail, password, password confirmation, check the “I am over 18 years old and agree with Binance terms" box, and press “Create the Account” button. 
  3. Next, the “Email Verification” window will open which will state that an email with a digital code for confirmation of your email address was sent to your email. Follow the instructions in the email to continue. 
  4. A letter will be delivered to your email address that you’ve entered during the registration process, which will contain a code that needs to be entered in the registration form to continue the registration process. 
  5. Once completed, your account will be activated. A message recommending to turn on two-factor authentication through  SMS-authentication or Google-authentication will pop up when you login to your Binance account for the first time.You can do it right away or at convenient time for you. Press the “Skip now” button to continue.  
  6. Congratulations! Your account is open and you can work with your Binance account.
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