I am aware of several robots. How is your bot better than others?

  1. You are not transferring your funds for a trusted management, but rather are giving the right to broadcast purchase and sale of assets on your exchange account.
  2. Our bot is a symbiosis of artificial intelligence with analysts and traders, as the result, there is no universal strategy for a month or for a year. 
  3. The bot analyzes more than 150 instruments each day and provides analysts with the best option for future implementation. 
  4. The bot conducts the full trade, starting from analyzing the instrument to closing a trade and notifying the user of its completion. 
  5. We operate on the market of encrypted currencies (without leverage, this isn’t FOREX where leverage is 1 to 1000). This minimizes all risks.
  6. RichLand is an online service advisory, it is not just signals or a signal aggregator which require direct involvement of a user for continuous operation. 
  7. Our system is universal for any account and any deposit amount. 
  8. The bot operates 24/7/365.
  9. You don't need to sleep with your smartphone under the pillow in fear of missing a trade. All actions are conducted without your involvement. 
  10. Our bot is not a constant recipe for increasing one’s capital forever, as we are improving it on a continuous basis. 
  11. After all, we are allowing for you to enjoy the true values of life. There is no need to be distracted with increasing your capital. This is our task.

We recommend you to watch out the competitive advantages of our service on the blog of our CEO.

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