I ran out of tokens, what should I do?

You can add tokens in your Personal Account in the Finance / Payment section. Tokens can be purchased using a crypto wallet (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD) or a RichLand account.

  1. Go to your personal account in the Finance - Payment section.
  2. Select the payment currency: BTC / ETH / USDT.
  3. Specify the required number of tokens for payment and click Pay. An invoice will be issued for payment.
  4. General recommendations:

    1. Make an invoice when you're ready to pay, so you'll have enough time.
    2. Pay in the cryptocurrency in which the invoice was made.
    3. Take into account the sender's fee. We must receive exactly that amount of cryptocurrency, which is specified in the invoice. Otherwise, payment gate CoinPayments will not transfer money to us, and accordingly, we will not be able to transfer tokens to you / activate the package.
  5. If you don't have a separate cryptocurrency wallet, you can buy tokens directly from your Binance Spot account!
  6. Binance, as a sender of payment, takes commission from the payment itself, so add the commission to the required amount to be credited. Otherwise, you will have to send funds and spend 2 times the commission for sending.
  7. For example, if you need to send 128 USDT for tokens, then Binance may indicate that the recipient will receive 123 USDT, which means you need to send 133 USDT!
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