How does RichLand bot work?

A user receives a signal to purchase a crypto currency. As soon as the price reaches the portfolio zone the system will automatically put an order for a crypto pair in accordance with the received signal for the amount that is approximately 10% of your deposit that is meant for automated trading. 

For example, in case your deposit is $10 000 and a signal is received then $1000 will be used to purchase an asset. Let's assume that you earned 20% on that particular signal. Therefore your balance will total: $9000 + $1200 = $10 200. Consequently, the next signal will also use 10% of the available capital, i.e. $1020. This allows for a user to always have available funds to purchase the next asset and diversify one's balance regardless of the size of the capital.

Once the order is completed, another order will be submitted to sell the particular crypto pair on either a TP1, TP2, TP3 level in the recommended ratio of 60% /20% /20%**. As soon as the price reaches TP1, the pending order will be processed automatically and 60% of the crypto currency will be sold. Furthermore, 20% of the crypto currency will be sold at TP2 and the remaining 20% will be sold on ТР3*** .

A user will receive a notification containing detailed recommendations on how to close an order either manually or automatically in case some unforeseen circumstances preventing an order from working occur during the process. 

Please note:

*- The calculation depicted is approximate. The amount will not be exactly 10%, as a set of conditions/limitations will be applied on an exchange platform. Each crypto pair has a set of trades, a minimum amount required for a transaction. Consequently, in case 10% from a deposit is not aliquot to a set of trades, then the bot will make a transaction aliquot. Moreover, in case 10% of a deposit is less than the minimum required transaction amount, then the bot will increase the amount to the required number. The same process occurs with sale orders.

**- In some cases, less amounts of orders may be set for sale in proportions of 60%/40%/0% or 100%/0%/0%.

***- In case TP3 is absent, the proportion will be 60% /40% /0%, in case TP2 is absent - 100%/0%/0%.

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